Family History

This page will contain some items of family history, as and when I get time to complete my fathers research I will put information on here

My Grandfather on my father’s side, Harry Major Legg, worked for the Post Office and served in both world wars, in WW1 he served in the Dorset Regiment as a Signaller working with the Army postal service and in WW2 as part of the Home Guard.

A few years ago as part of his family history research my father came across a diary written by his father, my Grandfather, when he was serving in Persia (now Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan) during and shortly after World War 1. The link below is to a MS Word document that is a transcript of the diary, there are some areas of uncertainty, particularly in some of the place names, this is due to a combination of difficulty in reading the original handwriting and some of the places either not existing any more or changing their name.

 Grandad Legg’s War Diary

 Photo of Grandad Legg in his WW1 Uniform

Photo of his medals

One of my Great Grandfathers on my father’s side was also Harry Legg, he worked for the Post Office in Weymouth, and was awarded the Imperial Service Medal for services to the Postal Service in 1923.
The pictures below show the letter that came with the medal and Great Grandad Legg wearing his medal and holding the certificate that came with it. He is stood outside his house in Chapelhay Street Weymouth which was subsequently destroyed by a parachute mine on November 17 1940. The mine landed between Chapelhay St & Franchise St overlooking Weymouth quay; 879 houses were damaged, 77 irreparable and later demolished; 181 seriously damaged. 12 people were killed including children and 41 were wounded. Great Grandmother Legg (nee Major), Great Uncle Sid and Great Auntie Win were in the house when it was destroyed but fortunately were uninjured, they then moved to 32 Wyke Road.